We are committed to helping cities, counties, and special districts reduce greenhouse emissions and comply with the requirements of California’s SB 1383. We have assisted several cities by preparing formal and informal action plans for CalRecycle, updating solid waste ordinances and franchise agreements, and conducting outreach to commercial waste generators. In January 2022, local jurisdictions will be required to enforce California’s mandatory commercial recycling requirements. We are currently helping several of our clients prepare to enforce AB 341 and AB 1826 via our proprietary cloud-based Minerva™ software. The goal is to achieve 100% compliance among the commercial sector. As we approach this goal, greenhouse emissions in California will be significantly reduced.


We have provided solid waste consulting service to over sixty local governments in the areas of finance, economics, and public policy. We have over 30 years of experience providing consulting service over the full range of integrated waste management including collection, recycling, material processing, and disposal. We are continually helping our clients navigate the myriad of federal, state, and local rules that govern the solid waste management industry.


We provide solid waste consulting service exclusively to local governments in the areas of waste contract procurement and negotiation, waste contract compliance audits, and customer rate-setting. To avoid any real or apparent conflicts of interest, we choose to not work for private waste companies. As a result, we bring a high level of independence and objectivity to our client engagements.


Our staff of accountants, analysts, auditors, and outreach coordinators are available to join with your local government team to help accomplish your solid waste management objectives. Whether it is for a one-time project, or ongoing support, our team of experts have the needed skill and experience to assist with regulatory compliance, program implementation, and waste contract administration.


All businesses in California are required to recycle both their ‘dry’ recyclables, and their organic recyclables. California’s Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) requires all local jurisdictions to educate and outreach to businesses and multi-family complexes. CalRecycle also requires local jurisdictions to monitor the recycling practices of their businesses. We are currently helping several of our clients monitor and report on the recycling activities of their commercial waste generators via our proprietary cloud-based Minerva™ software.


We help cities, counties, and special districts manage the solid waste collection, recycling, and disposal services delivered to their ratepayers. The consulting services we provide can be organized into each of the following categories:

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We help cities comply with state regulations. We develop and implement customer outreach and waste diversion campaigns.

We help local jurisdictions ensure that private waste companies are properly fulfilling their contractual obligations

We conduct cost of service and rate studies for municipalities responsible for solid waste collection, recycling, and disposal

We assist local governments with economic and competitive analysis and planning

We help local jurisdictions procure, negotiate, and manage solid waste contracts

Featured Projects

Here are a few of our current and recently completed projects:

Chula Vista, California

In 2011, we performed a solid waste fee survey for the City. We gathered information about the franchise fees, AB 939 Fees, and other solid waste-related fees charged by…

Orange, California

In 2007, we assisted the City in performing a cost of service analysis of its sanitation service rates. Work included designing new rates for single family, multi-family…

Vernon, California

Since 2000, we have assisted the City achieve its AB 939 diversion goals. Our work has consisted of monitoring the City’s reported tons, and preparing the…

Tacoma, Washington

In 2013, we served as technical consultant to Raftelis Financial Consultants in support of a water/wastewater/solid waste utility rate study.

South Gate, California

In 2004, we reviewed the revenue, expenses, and throughput for a transfer station located in the City. Assisted the City in negotiations to adjust the…

Santa Cruz, California

In 2003, under subcontract to Environmental Science Associates, reviewed and analyzed the financial requirements and feasibility of the City’s…

Santa Barbara, California

In 2013, we assisted the City in a financial review of its exclusive waste hauler, MarBorg Industries, Inc. We allocated MarBorg’s revenues, expenses, and…

San Fernando, California

In 2002, we assisted the City in conducting a competitive procurement for solid waste collection services. Our work included conducting study sessions…

San Buenaventura, California

From 1993 through 1997, as part of another firm, conducted several annual reviews of the rate adjustment application submitted by…

Rolling Hills, California

In 2010, we assisted the City in re-negotiating its exclusive franchise agreement with Allied Waste Industries, Inc. The City is unique …

Palm Springs, California

In 2012, we assisted the City in conducting a financial review of Palm Springs Disposal Service, Inc. Our work included reviewing the company’s profitability, billing…

Ontario, California

In 2005, we performed a rate study for the City’s municipally operated solid waste enterprise. We worked in conjunction with the City’s water/wastewater…

Monterey County, California

Project Descriptions: In 2014, we reviewed the accuracy of Waste Management’s franchise fee payments to the County, and…

Monrovia, California

In 2008, we prepared a white paper describing the advantages of exclusive vs. non-exclusive service arrangements for the commercial and rolloff sectors. The report…

Lompoc, California

From 2001 through 2014, we developed and updated a rate model to allocate costs between the City’s landfill and collection operations, and among single family…

LA Metro

In 2012, under subcontract to Constance Hornig, Esq., we assisted LA Metro by preparing bid rates sheets for its solid waste collection bid. Our work included preparing…

La Habra Heights, California

In 2010, we assisted the City in analyzing its current solid waste collection system and determined the amount that ratepayers…

La Habra, California

In 2010, we assisted the City in re-negotiating its exclusive franchise agreement with Waste Management of Orange County (WMOC). Our work…

Imperial Beach, California

In 1998, as part of another firm, we assisted the City in procuring a new solid waste services agreement. We drafted RFP and franchise agreement, and conducted…

Hermosa Beach, California

In 2008, we assisted the City in negotiating a three year extension to its current waste collection franchise agreement with Consolidated Disposal Service. Our work…

Hawthorne, California

In 2007, we assisted the City in a competitive procurement for residential and commercial solid waste service. We designed new recycling programs, specified the scope of …

Goleta, California

In 2011, we assisted the City in negotiating a new citywide franchise agreement with MarBorg Industries, Inc. (MarBorg). Previously, the City had been served by…

Carpinteria, California

In 2011, we assisted the City in performing a financial review of its exclusive solid waste service provider. Our work included performing an on-site review of the…

California State University Long Beach

In 2003, we assisted the University in procuring new solid waste services. Work included preparing request for qualifications and invitation to bid documents. Provided …

Calabasas, California

We assisted the City in conducting a competitive procurement of an exclusive solid waste franchise agreement. Our work included assisting with the preparation of the RFP package…

Brea, California

In 2005, we assisted the City in designing new customer rates to provide funding for the City’s stormwater management program. Work involved developing various approaches to allocating…

Azusa, California

In 2003, we tested and analyzed the amount of solid waste tons delivered to a material recovery facility (MRF) operated by the City’s exclusive solid waste service provider, Athens Services.

Claremont, California

In 2013, we analyzed the operating costs of the City’s solid waste collection operations. Our work included segregating the City’s operating costs between those that would be avoided by…

Burbank, California

In 2009, we assisted the City in re-negotiating its recyclable processing agreement with Burbank Recycling, Inc. (BRI). The City owns a recyclable processing center to which it delivers the…

Bloomington, Illinois

In 2014, we prepared a rate model to mirror the financial performance of the City’s solid waste enterprise fund. We designed new variable rates for single family customers, and projected future cash…

Anaheim, California

In 2010 and 2015, we assisted the OCCMA, which represents all the incorporated cities in Orange County, in negotiating a long-term waste disposal agreement with the County of Orange.

What Our Clients Say

We are thankful for the opportunity to serve our clients, and we are truly grateful when they take the time to express their appreciation. Here are a few examples:

"..thank you for the outstanding work.."

I would like to thank you for the outstanding work you did in drafting our MRF operating contract. It was a pleasure to work with you personally and to gain the benefit of your experience, professionalism and attention to detail. You obviously enjoy the process of crafting a clean agreement. After each of our meetings you returned with material that represented a far greater depth of understanding than we expected. You crafted equitable contract terms and still managed to increase the service levels and revenues to the City. You followed a detailed strategy using comparisons of other agreements and then maneuvered confidently through the shifting conditions during the negotiations.

Kreigh Hampel

City of Burbank

Recycling Coordinator

"They are well respected in the solid waste industry."

MSW Consultants is a professional organization. They are knowledgeable, on time, on cost, and handled all the project/job requirements excellently. They made presentations that were well received by both the City Council and the City Council Subcommittee. They explain the process and findings well. They are well respected in the solid waste industry. Their costs and charges are very reasonable. They do not overspend or exceed the budget.

Lauren Ramezani

City of Rancho Palos Verdes

Senior Administrative Analyst

"MSW Consultants was excellent.."

MSW Consultants was excellent in terms of responsiveness, quality of work, timeliness, creativity, openness to client suggestions, pursuit of alternatives, interactions with staff and elected officials. We continue to use MSW Consultants on our ongoing project and would highly recommend their consideration.

Mark Alexander

City of La Canada Flintridge

City Manager