Our Services

We provide the following types of services.

For over 20 years, we have helped our municipal clients

Our clients include cities, counties, and special districts with a variety of service arrangements. These service arrangements may include public or private service, exclusive or non-exclusive service, or some combination of these. Our clients include jurisdictions that own and operate a full-service landfill and collection operation (e.g., Lompoc and Santa Maria, California).

Local Government

We provide service exclusively to local government agencies. We do not engage with private waste collection or landfill companies as clients. We serve only local jurisdictions to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

Spectrum of Integrated
Waste Management

Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of integrated waste management; from collection, transfer, processing, transformation, to landfill operations.

All Types of Service Arrangements

Our clients also include jurisdictions served by private haulers with exclusive service (e.g., a single hauler for the entire City) as well as jurisdictions with non-exclusive service (e.g., several private haulers that compete for customers in the same market).

Expertise in Financial, Economic, Public Policy Analysis

The services we offer are focused finance, economics, and public policy related to solid waste management. We establish with our clients realistic expectations of the benefits and results of our services.

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We help cities, counties, and special districts manage the solid waste collection, recycling, and disposal services delivered to their ratepayers. The consulting services we provide can be organized into each of the following categories:

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We help cities comply with state regulations. We develop and implement customer outreach and waste diversion campaigns.

We help local jurisdictions ensure that private waste companies are properly fulfilling their contractual obligations

We conduct cost of service and rate studies for municipalities responsible for solid waste collection, recycling, and disposal

We assist local governments with economic and competitive analysis and planning

We help local jurisdictions procure, negotiate, and manage solid waste contracts

Featured Projects

Here are a few of our current and recently completed projects:

Chula Vista, California

In 2011, we performed a solid waste fee survey for the City. We gathered information about the franchise fees, AB 939 Fees, and other solid waste-related fees charged by…

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Orange, California

In 2007, we assisted the City in performing a cost of service analysis of its sanitation service rates. Work included designing new rates for single family, multi-family…

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Vernon, California

Since 2000, we have assisted the City achieve its AB 939 diversion goals. Our work has consisted of monitoring the City’s reported tons, and preparing the…

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Tacoma, Washington

In 2013, we served as technical consultant to Raftelis Financial Consultants in support of a water/wastewater/solid waste utility rate study.

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South Gate, California

In 2004, we reviewed the revenue, expenses, and throughput for a transfer station located in the City. Assisted the City in negotiations to adjust the…

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Santa Cruz, California

In 2003, under subcontract to Environmental Science Associates, reviewed and analyzed the financial requirements and feasibility of the City’s…

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Santa Barbara, California

In 2013, we assisted the City in a financial review of its exclusive waste hauler, MarBorg Industries, Inc. We allocated MarBorg’s revenues, expenses, and…

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San Fernando, California

In 2002, we assisted the City in conducting a competitive procurement for solid waste collection services. Our work included conducting study sessions…

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