La Habra, California


City of La Habra, California


Solid Waste Contract Negotiation Assistance


In 2010, we assisted the City in re-negotiating its exclusive franchise agreement with Waste Management of Orange County (WMOC). Our work included gathering information from WMOC about its operations in La Habra, analyzing rate and service information from surrounding communities, developing a negotiation strategy, drafting a new franchise agreement, preparing counter-offers, and presenting findings and recommendations to the City Council solid waste sub-committee.

La Habra, California

Case Studies

Here are a few recent case studies showing how we have helped other local government agencies. How can we help you?

Chula Vista, California

In 2011, we performed a solid waste fee survey for the City. We gathered information about the franchise fees, AB 939 Fees, and other solid waste-related fees charged by…

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Orange, California

In 2007, we assisted the City in performing a cost of service analysis of its sanitation service rates. Work included designing new rates for single family, multi-family…

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Vernon, California

Since 2000, we have assisted the City achieve its AB 939 diversion goals. Our work has consisted of monitoring the City’s reported tons, and preparing the…

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Tacoma, Washington

In 2013, we served as technical consultant to Raftelis Financial Consultants in support of a water/wastewater/solid waste utility rate study.

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South Gate, California

In 2004, we reviewed the revenue, expenses, and throughput for a transfer station located in the City. Assisted the City in negotiations to adjust the…

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