New Guidance From CalRecycle

September 3, 2020

CalRecycle just provided new guidance that will soon impact your businesses and multi-family waste generators. This is David Davis at MSW Consultants.

Here is what you need to know:

Starting this December, significantly more businesses will be required to recycle organics under AB 1826. CalRecycle has determined that statewide disposal of organic waste in 2020 has not been reduced to 50 percent of the 2014 disposal level. As a result, the four (4) cubic yard per week threshold, below which businesses were ‘not covered’ under AB 1826, will be adjusted to two (2) cubic yards per week. As a result, over 90% of businesses and multi-family waste generators with bin service will be required to recycle organics. However, this differs from AB 341. The threshold for mandatory commercial recycling (of non-organics) will remain at four (4) cubic yards per week.

CalRecycle will release its Model Implementation Tools in the next few weeks. CalRecycle has developed: 1) A Model Franchise Agreement, 2) An Edible Food Recovery Agreement, 3) A Model Enforcement Ordinance, and, 4) A Model Recycled Content Procurement Policy. These templates are
intended to help jurisdictions implement SB 1383. CalRecycle had been waiting to publish these tools until after the final approval of the SB 1383 regulations. However, CalRecycle has indicated that it will release these tools in draft form in the next few weeks.

CalRecycle will focus on compliance assistance rather than enforcement. CalRecycle is precluded from delaying the current deadlines in SB 1383. These deadlines are a matter of State Law. However, CalRecycle has indicated that it will be emphasizing compliance assistance over enforcement.
Toward this end, we continue helping local jurisdictions prepare for SB 1383. We offer the following compliance assistance services:

Further below, we describe our virtual outreach service. This service is designed to efficiently (and tactfully) contact, educate and help each of your non-compliant waste generators. We use our Minerva® software to document the results of our outreach, and maintain support for CalRecycle’s EAR reporting requirements. To learn more, call me at (951) 973-0023, or email me at


David Davis
MSW Consultants

Virtual Outreach Services

MSW Consultants offers jurisdictions safe, objective and timely virtual outreach services to their commercial waste generators. This service includes a jurisdiction subscription to the Minerva® recycling compliance platform. Minerva® is a web database tool that collects and categorizes individual waste
generator recycling information, and enables real time collaboration between the jurisdiction, the waste hauler, and outreach staff.

Outreach services include:

If your jurisdiction could benefit from a virtual outreach program, we would appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a written proposal.